by criminogenic

A poll done the other day found that 20% of them think that Government gets in the way of an invisible man they call God, meaning they think the Church should run the place as the Church is the representative of this invisible man.

Donald Trump says Australia should raise the price of Steel, Aluminium etc to China, of course this master Capitalist forgets that we buy all our shit from China, failling to realise that if we put the price of Steel up, then they will just put the price of the TV made from it up. No wonder Trump had to be born into money.

World War 2 in the Pacific was fomented by America fucking around with Economy of Japan, they forced Japan to trade with them using threats of Battleships to bomb their cities in the 1850’s and then blocked Oil supply when Japan realised they needed an Empire like America, England, Dutch etc in the 1930’s. So now we have a idiot American Economically threatening another Pacific country, well good luck with that.