Observations of the rise of Anarcho Capitalism..or some shit.

Nails it


Dept. of Assassination

“A number of top officials in the United States have confirmed the existence of a “secret panel” of senior government officials in the country that can order the assassination of American citizens with no judicial oversight.”


White is the new Black

Mid-ranking NY cops, ‘White shirts’ laying into Occupy, the only Cops that inflict violence on the People is the White shirts, the other cops obey the law.

anti-Occupy propoganda

Murdoch is putting his foot down over Occupy Wall st

A friend in New York says that there are ten’s of thousands protesting.


‘The Australian’ 50% shit

It’s cartoonists quite often peddle utter bullshit, getting the story wrong, as seen here, in defence of the Bolt making shit up.

It suggests that Bolt is being censored, it makes no mention of Bolt making stuff up…hence my accusation of 50% shit.

While criticism of the tone of his bullshit is unwarranted, as anybody who reads Bolt goes there because they want their feed of closet Racism and that cannot be legislated against, dog whistles can’t be banned.

My understanding of the case is that Bolt is still allowed to be his racist self, he is just not allowed to make stuff up about actual people to support his dribble.

Skin heads overrun Court


America has a high rate of Osteoporosis and high Dairy consumption, so much for Dairy countering Osteoporosis.

Propoganda lives.

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